Parkour in Aiken County – Are There Any Good Spots?

Aiken County isn’t exactly a parkour hot spot. While it did have its own parkour movement on Facebook which had looked fairly promising at the time, the group has since died out, with the last updating having taken place about two years ago. As such, it may be rather discouraging to the budding parkour athlete or to those new to the area looking to indulge in the sport of their choice. As it turn out; however, there are a few good places to engage in the sport; it’s just a matter of looking for them. And, as it turns out, I’ve already done all of the looking for you!

Aiken’s HIC Indoor Skatepark

Don’t let the name fool you, the HIC is any parkour athlete’s dream. While perhaps made primarily with skateboarders in mind, you’ll find tonnes of different rails, platforms and obstacles to use to your full advantage. Being indoors and generally having other people within its confines, you’ll also likely find it to be a safer alternative to practicing your sport off in the woods somewhere. In the event that something goes wrong, you can rest assured knowing there are staff on the premises at all times that the skatepark is open.

It also has a shop within the building you may shop at. I’ll state the obvious and note that it tends to primarily cater to skateboarders, though you’ll most likely find something of use at some point or another. You can most likely buy yourself a pair of shoes, ask someone to find the right size for you.Even if you just want to stop for a sports drink, the shop will likely have what you’re looking for at a reasonable price.

Boyd Pond Park

Now, the skatepark featured above is easily your best choice, as you’ll find it to be the most obstacle-dense of all your options. If, for whatever reason, you can’t make it to the skatepark or skateparks just aren’t your thing (understandable), Boyd Pond Park is likely your only other viable option short of running rampant around the city in search of things to jump over. With a bit of meandering around, you’ll likely find a good spot to practice, no matter what you plan on specializing in during that occasion.

It’s worth noting that, depending on where you are in the park, it can be perfectly suitable for parkour or not suitable at all. For example, you may find a bunch of vacant picnic tables and other obstacles in one area and a golf course in the other. I needn’t explain why the latter isn’t your best option.

At Boyd Pond Park, you’ll encounter a variety of different obstacles and environments, giving you a more versatile excursion overall. Or, if you just want to practice one facet of your sport, confining yourself to one area within the park can also work just fine. Overall, you’ll find it rather big and to be the type of area you can make a day out of. Why not pack a lunch and bring a few water bottles? In fact, if you plan on using the whole park to your advantage, you’ll have to make a day out of it.

Aiken County Tourist Guide

Aiken County Tourist Guide

While those from Canada, Europe or the northern portion of the United States used to find themselves venturing primarily down to California or Florida when it came time to get a taste of the hot weather during the dreary winter months, those who know a great bang for the buck when they see it have come to appreciate South Carolina for what it is – a potential tourist destination which also knows a great bang for the buck.

Whether it’s the ability to go out to eat a reasonable meal at the cost of a cheap one, the hot weather or the extremely friendly inhabitants of the region, there’s just something in South Carolina that keeps luring people in and often leaves them wanting to stay, or at least come back again next year. Those new to the region; however, may not know where to begin in their quest for fun times in the sun. If this sounds like you, perhaps we can fix that uncertainty throughout the below article. Here are some of the best things to do in Aiken County, South Carolina sorted by category.

The Tourist Attractions

As the term would suggest, tourist attractions are a great place to start for anyone venturing outside of home territory. Typically, these will not only have interesting things to do, but can even offer a few more resources which may go on to help tourists in deciding just what to do next.

One such tourist destination is the Aiken Train Museum. Complete with its own visitors center, you’ll find it not only interesting but accommodating to your particular needs as an out-of-towner. The museum itself features both a vast informational portion and even an outdoor portion complete with an intact train. You’ll find it to be great for adults and children alike, making it suitable for your group, no matter who it’s comprised of. Train lovers will especially appreciate the ability to get up close to a train in person.

While the Aiken Train Museum might be one of the more popular attractions in the area, it’s certainly not the only one available. The County Historical Museum, Center for the Arts and the Dupont Planetarium are also all great choices, depending on your own interests of coarse. All of the above are also suitable for those of all ages, so feel free to bring the entire family.

The Scenery

Perhaps you came all the way down to South Carolina specifically for the weather and only the weather, but don’t know which place is best for soaking up the sun – not a problem! While walking the country roads may provide a more accurate scope on what Aiken County’s nature and environment is all about, it may be more enjoyable to visit one of its many parks.

The Aiken State Park is a great place to start if this is the type of excursion you’ve been looking for. Through the implementation of different areas and trails throughout the park, you’ll be sure to find just the right scenery. Whether you walk through the jungle trail or simply sit at the tables in the open area, you’re sure to appreciate the park through its cleanliness and the on-site rangers who are always there to help you with anything you may need.

While the above might certainly give you a touch of nature blending with man-made breation, some folks may wish to get a little more immersed in the environment around them. If this sounds like you, why not check out the Carolina Bay Nature Preserve? As the name would suggest, you’ll find it about as close as you can get to nature while still remaining in a regulated piece of territory. You’ll find a whole lot of perfectly preserved scenery and, if you’re quiet enough, some wildlife as well.

The Food

If you’re looking for great food, heading into the city will likely prove to be the most fruitful option at your disposal. Whether you’re looking for a cheap slice of pizza or a nice steak, you’re sure to find exactly what it is you’re looking for in Aiken.

Aiken Pizza FoodIf you’re the type who eats for the sake of eating without care for the decor or atmosphere around you (and an unwillingness to pay a premium for such scenery), why not save a little money while still getting some great grub down at the Mellow Mushroom? If you’re from the United States you’ve likely eaten here before. Otherwise, you’ll be surprised at how far your dollar can truly stretch when grabbing some pizza at this place.

Or perhaps you’re looking for something a little highbrow? The Trivinia Italian Kitchen and Wine Bar is a great restaurant which takes the Italian twist we’ve come to love in pizzerias and pasta shelves while throwing in a high-end atmosphere and food that’s so good you’ll feel bad for eating it. While it may not be the best place to bring children which have a tendency of screaming, there’s certainly something on the menu to satisfy everyone in the family.

The Sports

Neither Aiken County or South Carolina has their own major league sports team. With a bit of searching; however, you’ll easily be able to find sporting events outside of the major league spectrum, assuming you don’t mind taking on the role of the player.

If I had to recommend one particular sporting venue, I would opt to visaiken Golf CLubit the Aiken Golf Club. It’s likely one of the most well-maintained golf courses many of us have ever seen. While it’s great, I’ll mention┬áthat beginners to the sport may want to go later in the day when it’s less busy. A rather challenging course, you may find yourself taking more time than you thought to complete it.

There are many golf courses spread through Aiken county. If the above doesn’t sound like quite your cup of tea, though you’d still like to squeeze some golf in while you’re on vacation, don’t feel as if the Aiken Golf Club is the only viable choice.